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2022 Projects

2022 has seen an unprecedented shock to the European energy market. Whilst the trilemma of energy security, affordability, and sustainability remain challenging, 2022's sudden deep changes in access to affordable (gas based) energy tipped the balance of sustainability versus cost. Governments responded by extending the life of coal and nuclear assets, permitting new gas exploration, and driving for new  offshore wind, nuclear and hydrogen. The need for new build (battery) storage, more intermittent but cheap (now) renewables, and zero carbon based load nuclear, especially via new "battery like" delivery mechanisms, has never been better.

Chemical Plant

Waste Plastics Chemical Recycling

CM Energy Insight has advised and supported:

  • Phigenesis -plastics chemical recycling

  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel

  • €500m+ capital raise via Alexa Capital

  • port-located facilities for biofuels & biomass feedstocks

  • development of international feedstock supply solutions.

Small Modular Reactors

UK Entrant (Confidential)

2022 has seen the next stage in the roll out of SMRs, migrating from technology licensing to the broader project financing for execution. Will we see repowering of existing thermal assets?

Nuclear power station

Battery Energy Storage System - BESS

UK (Confidential)

The coming decades demand 30+GW of multi hour, transmission system connected battery storage at key high voltage grid connection points. Developing these projects requires the traditional tools but a new project execution approach.


SAF Feedstock Development

Jatropha to BioDiesel

Overview of the process of designing and funding a large reforestation project to deliver inedible vegetable oils for subsequent hydrogenation together with voluntary carbon credits. Comparison with known "waste to liquids" processes including Velocys, Fulcrum and other Fischer-Tropsch (FT) pathways.


Steel Decarbonisation

Review of the breakeven hydrogen production prices for a range of technologies and geographies for a steel mill.

Steel Decarbonisation

EfW / RdF Trading

In the 1990s Chris was part of the Cory PowerGen JV that developed the UK's largest EfW plant (now Riverside), and the Kemsley Waste Paper EfW plant (a large FBC). More recently CMEI has advised clients on the identification of greenfield development sites for EfW projects. Feedstock counterparties have included Geminor, Transwaste, N+P, Andusia and Renewi


Gigafactory, EV Charging Infrastucure, and Storage Development

CM Energy Insight supports market entrants during the rapid cross-geographic growth of their business:

  • Regulatory framework at a Eu and UK level

  • Site identification & acquisition

  • Project development (permitting, regulatory approval, FEED study)

  • Project procurement & project finance

  • Teaming & project management / collaboration

  • Fund Raising


Investment in SRF Supply Chains

Afforestation project investment consisting of Eucalyptus, Poplar, Southern Yellow Pine, and Leylandii for pension backed investment fund wanting long term returns and access to the voluntary carbon credit market.

Eucalyptus Afforestation.jpg
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